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Diary and Events

An email we received after the performance of Romance and Ritual...


Huge congratulations for the concert. The RITE was on many counts something I never expected to see in Nottingham, and as an adoptive Nottinghamian I was immensely proud. I never thought a four-figure general audience would be so bowled over by the modernist challenges of the piece's soundworld. I never thought a local orchestra could come near the rhythmic complexities, but the playing was passionate and visceral throughout, tight and punchy, utterly convincing. I never thought the choreographers in local dance schools would have any interest in extreme contemporary dance vocabulary, but the dance was completely true to the spirit of the piece. How many hours of rehearsal went into that? Their intensity and control were impossible to resist, my goodness they were good. To see the ritual performed by children and young girls was skin-crawlingly impressive. It was an audience-experience of unique power. You couldn't get that level of meaning in any other way. Unique, unique.
I suppose it's inevitable that the musicians were concentrating hard on their performance, so they would not have experienced what we lucky audience did.
So, thank you! It was a brilliant concept, Derek, and you masterminded the whole thing, with superb conducting. 
Proud Nottinghamians