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Class on Saturday 11th November will run as normal from 11.40-12.40. Dancers will then make their way to the theatre. I understand that performers have been asked to arrive at 12.30 however this class is the only exception. Rehearsals will begin at 1.30 on stage, so we should make it in time!


   Class fees are paid monthly, in advance, at the beginning of each month.

There is a simple monthly fee form to be handed in to your class teacher

fee form downloadable from the link.

fee form also available on our facebook page

Payments must be given in a sealed envelopemarked with pupils name, date, amount enclosed, along with the fee form.

Please note we cannot accept cheques for less than £10.00

Fees are payable whether or not classes are attended 

No refunds are given for absence/holidays taken in term time etc.



 Please note from October 2012 Jazz/Urban classes (Friday & Saturday) will switch to monthly payments, as are all other classes.

Class fees are as follows:

Preparatory - Grade 3 - £4.00 per class

Grade 4 & 5 - £4.50 per class

Grade 6 - £5.00 per class

Intermediate - £5.50 per class

Advanced - £6.50 per class

Musical Theatre Junior - £4.00 per class

Senior - £4.50 per class

Funky Freestyle (4-7yrs) - £4.00 per class

Jazz (Friday/Saturday classes)- Junior - £4.00 per class

Inter - £4.00 per class

Advanced - £4.50 per class